Wednesday, 27 April 2011


"Its not about whether you are busy for somebody, its always been about setting your priorities." How much ever we may hate to endure the fact, the truth always has been that priorities change. They will continue to change  till the time a person finds all his wants and desires fulfilled by the same entity , which humanly is not possible. At least not yet. A man's priorities changes constantly, as a kid to an old man , this shifting of priorities is inevitable.
I have known many people for a long time, most of my friends for as long as 13 years of my life. Not to miss out that some had almost forgotten me  for 3 years, questioned my existence, even though we were in the same school within a radius of hardly 10 meters. For some funny reason it came back to me again. I never minded all this, personally i might have also been a criminal neglecting people and choosing certain people over others, but i realized it at most points of time, not everyone does. Often people change for us. Its just because they simply have chosen others over us, however disheartening it may sound but its true priorities change. Everybody always tries very hard to be a part and parcel of their loved ones life. Whether or not the latter chooses them to be is completely in his/her hands. The fact of the matter is you cannot force anyone to notice you, it may seem that the person may still offer you some heed, however its only to be shown,  either a mere formality or for the sake of "old times". Everyone at some point of time must have been on the top priority list of someone else, but the question is for how long?  i know of friends who have stuck to each other for 15 years while others who have grown apart for no reason at all. All because priorities change. Now why do I write this? Not only because i have suffered through it.. i still continue to or so I feel but for the mere fact that all of us do. And in this nonsensical world where nothing makes sense neither does this. Relationships breakup , friends drift apart and the whole world changes. We maybe in process of globalization but this little trait of human character is still making us grow apart. he world is coming close economically however emotionally its drifting away to outer space.

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