Sunday, 24 April 2011

I'm New.

Its a pretty weird Title when you first see it. "Another retard posting.", maybe it is just another mad man writing his mad updates on his mad thoughts about a mad world. But,  the Irony is,Who isn't mad.?? I am ! so are you to be reading this blog till this point of time and expecting whats next only to realize nothing great, but you shall keep reading this. (Like you are right now.). Anyway, the whole point is that i am not blogging simply to let my thoughts free into this interconnected huge world wide web, there are many people already doing that  and you might just be a rare person reading this blog after surfing a kazzillion others, why i am blogging i myself don't know maybe its just a secret desire that I always had, to let the world know what I've been thinking about it.I am just a teenager typing, sitting behind a screen.. no clue whatsoever about what i am about to do. But here is my blog and if you are following it... I guarantee a truckload of opinions (Nonsense maybe) on this Little thing called LIFE . :)

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